The Ontario Poison Centre (OPC) is a telephone toxicology consultation service providing expert poison advice 24 hours a day to the public and health-care professionals in Ontario. Our staff includes nurses, pharmacists and physicians highly trained in treating poisonings and drug overdoses.

Our Team

The Specialist in Poison Information (SPI) is a registered nurse or pharmacist who has received specialized training in toxicology. The SPIs are front-line staff who answer poison calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After an ongoing two-year training period, eligible Specialists in Poison Information write a certification exam to achieve the designation of Certified Specialist in Poison Information (CSPI).

How we can help

We provide expert poison advice about common poison exposures such as medicine, plants and industrial chemicals. Our expert team can provide you with poison prevention information and educational materials. We provide toxicology consultation for health care professionals to help treat their poisoned patients.

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