Bard IndustryThe Bard Industries Family has been working in the steel business since 1919, starting off as a blacksmith shop in Cornwall, Ontario. After working as a machinist and welder for an aircraft company during the war, the second generation joined the operation in 1944. The company now headed towards repairs and custom fabrication. In 1962 the business was involved in the industrial section doing plant maintenance and working for the oil industry. By 1971 the third generation had taken over doing high pressure piping, fabricating loading docks for fuel trucks, constructing all the necessary piping to unload fuel tankers, and also building and repairing large fuel storage tanks. The fourth generation joined the family business in 2004. By 2007 B.I.L. started building above ground tanks for flammable liquids. We now build a variety of tanks to suit the fuel industry with quality in mind. Our fabrication heritage dating back to 1919 ensures our customers are getting the best product possible.


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6851 Richmond Rd. Summerstown, On K0C 2E0


45.06428234250661, -74.5621286219382

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